Marcos Domingo Sánchez

Marcos starts his career in Milan in 2000, first as a still life photographer, later as a fashion photographer with his own studio.


But it is not till 2007, having moved to Paris, when he starts to experiment with conceptual and artistic photography. He also integrates video art and architecture in his portfolio, becoming a fully dimensioned artist.


Desk a vision of erotica through different artistic interpretations; and in Wallpaper, where the portrait image presented reflects the mix of fashion and art that he has inside of him.


It is also in Paris that he starts developing his interest for the negative, resulting in his collection Human in Negative, which till today remains unexposed due to personal reasons.


From 2009 on, different trips mark his life. The first to Cambodia, where he recovers his architectural and photo reporter vision, resulting, among others in the series DeConstruction which is presented in Barcelona in 2012.


During another trip to Belgium in 2011, he starts working in negative again, this time related to nature.


This organic photography results in the collection Nature in Negative, marking his premiere in The DeeBee Gallery in Barcelona as resident artist.

«La inspiración existe, pero tiene que encontrarte trabajando»

Pablo Picasso