About the negative technique

During his stay in Paris the artist starts developing his interest for working in negative. Marcos inverts the conventional photographic process.

If previously the positive was obtained from a negative and this became the piece of art, now with digital photography the positive is obtained directly and the artist creates the negative to give it the important it never had, thus creating the true piece of art.

Shadow becomes light, light becomes shadow. Blue changes to yellow and red to turquoise.

He starts to experiment with colors and paintings, and their photographic effects on the human body, always looking at them through their result in negative. Here is where he starts to create his collection ‘Human in Negative’, a series of pictures conceived in negative.

Later on, Marcos will develop many more photographic fields with this same technique. Experimenting with practically all his photography work.

¨The Negative Collection¨ presents the most representative collections in this photographic technique in chronological order.

Human In Negative. Paris, Barcelona and London 2000 – 2007

Nature In Negative. Vilvoorde, Brussels, Cambodia, Italy and Spain 2008 – 2014

Fashion In Negative. Barcelona 2009

Forest In Negative. Vilvoorde 2010

Architecture, Barcelona. NYC, Cambodia and Egypt 2017 – 2018

Flowers In Negative. Barcelona 2018