Marcos experiences an emotional burnout in 2017 and 2018 during which the artist is said to “lose the mental and emotional balance” and moves from Bicester to Barcelona. There, in the city where it all began, Marcos spends the year sheltered by the ocean, the waves, the beach, the Catalan modernist architecture and returns to his interior world, photographing the subject which brings him the most peace. The sea. At the edge of the breakwaters, sometimes the sea is calm and at other times it is rough, he looks through the lens and focuses his anguish on almost pictorial photographs that help him in psychological therapy.

Marcos finds serenity on that almost deserted seafront promenade in the Barcelonan winter and in his emotional sentimental and working situation.

Landscape In Negative and the pieces on Barcelona from Architecture In Negative, are intimate collections; the first gloomy and pessimistic but romanticized, and the other with a clear optimistic healing where the colour of Gaudi’s architecture shows the not so distant recovery of the artist, shortly after which, he will make the decision to leave his past behind and return, after more than 20 years, to his hometown of Zaragoza.