This collection is in born in 2009 thanks to the art director of the modelling agency New Madison Paris and Jean Paul Gaultier, Tanel Bedrossiantz, who, after seeing pieces of the collection Human in Negative, invites the artist to bring the Negative technique into fashion.

Thus, Marcos experiments not only with the paint and the models’ skin, but with the colours, textures and volumes of the clothes, shoes and accessories.

The experiment takes place at his home in Barcelona and is complemented by the makeup artist De María who opts for the airbrushing technique to ensure the skin has a homogeneous finish.

The artist is not content with taking photographs in the controlled light of a studio as he does in Human in Negative, instead experimenting with architecture, both indoors and outdoors. It is there, outdoors, where he must photograph at night so that the sky, in its final Negative version, is bright.

The Visori Artist, in charge of styling, takes one of the snapshots to present his collection in Valencia and opens his fashion show using these images which do not go unnoticed.