During his stay in Paris the artist starts developing his interest for working in negative. Marcos inverts the conventional photographic process.

If previously the positive was obtained from a negative and this became the piece of art, now with digital photography the positive is obtained directly and the artist creates the negative to give it the important it never had, thus creating the true piece of art.

He starts to experiment with colours and paintings, and their photographic effects on the human body, always looking at them through their result in negative. Here is where he starts to create his collection ‘Human in Negative’, a series of pictures conceived in negative.

The artist paints his models’ skin for hours, always keeping in mind the result in negative. Shadow becomes light, light becomes shadow. Blue changes to yellow and red to turquoise. Even the skin colour of the model influences the final piece.

The medium is conceived as painting rather than photography. As such, the pieces are unique, printed on 3mm laminated mirror dibond.

This catalogue only contains part of the collection. To see the complete series, please contact the gallery.