The artist inverts the conventional photographic process. If previously the positive was obtained from a negative and this became the piece of art, now with digital photography the positive is obtained directly and the artist creates the negative to give it the important it never had, thus creating the true piece of art.

During his professional career as a photographer, Marcos Domingo Sánchez has always searched for architectonic references in his work, as well in his fashion photography, in his landscapes and his artistic creations. Sometimes in a premediated way, sometimes from the subconscious.

Nature in Negative in the result of a search to encounter a photographic communion between nature, geometry and architecture. Starting from the basic elements of nature such as branches, tree trunks, stones, frozen puddles, forests etc. and applying in some cases horizontal or vertical symmetries, in others playing with movement while photographing, diverse and interesting visual effects are obtained. An organic photography, that speaks of our environment and that is interpreted from a creative point of view.

The collection Nature in Negative has been created to be printed on metallic photo paper, applied onto 10mm foam. The choice of frames surrounding the pieces has not been casual, not even commercial. The artist has selected and created surrounding elements from raw aluminium, playing with their architectonic profiles. Giving, in this way, almost even more importance to the frame and the artwork. Volumes, geometric forms and precise symmetries. That is Nature in Negative.

This catalogue only contains part of the collection. To see the complete series, please contact the gallery.